Friday, August 27


01:39 am Jakarta time,
my eyes are sooo heavy. im going to bed in a few mins i guess..

I literally get so angry when people go on and on about how they’re so afraid of falling in love/letting anyone in. I just want to be like, you know what? You all are selfish beyond belief. Love is all about putting others before yourself. Before you put up your barriers, think about the people that you are potentially hurting- those that love you, but you’re too scared to love back. So, to all of those who are too scared of love I say suck it up! Stop being a fucking coward! Love is amazing! Whether you end up with a broken heart, it’s not the end of the world! Everything happens for a reason. How are you supposed to grow as a person if you don’t put yourself in situations where you have that opportunity? You can’t. It’s a shame that the majority of this generation feels this way. I’m not proud of who I was, but everything happens for a reason right? I’ve learned my mistakes, I’ve changed,
and I’m sorry I lied.

well, good night!
sweet dreams :)

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