What programs do you use for your artworks?
Mainly photoshop and illustrator.

Do you use a pen tablet?
No. I just use a pencil & paper to draw a sketch, then scan into the computer. 

Do you do commission art work?
Of course, I am available for commission-based work. Just drop me an email.

Since when did you start drawing?
Since the day I could hold a pencil haha but I've been drawing seriously for the past 4 years.

Can I link to your blog?
Yes a link always makes me happy! Thank you! 

Can I post your pictures on my blog?
I'm always happy if you ask first, but you must always give me full credit (name + link).

And some don'ts:
* Do not use modify or copy my artwork without permission. 
* Just keep my watermark and do not make me put ugly watermarks all over my artworks.
* Do not use my pictures as user icons, blog headers etc.
* You are not allowed to use my artwork for commercial purposes.

Can I advertise on your blog?
No. This blog is ad-free.

Can we exchange links?
Just ask me on chat box.


If you have any questions that aren't answered here, 
feel free to drop me an email.