Sunday, October 24

fight for what you want

11:35 am Jakarta time,
listening to: Two Door Cinema Club - Something Good Can Work

i've been really busy lately. i’ve been getting a lot more work opportunities which is extremely positive. i just started internship and it’s been interesting so far. unfortunately life isn't easy for me. i have so many problems in my life honestly. eh it's not about my job, seriously. i love my job as a junior graphic designer. i really do.

working made me realize one thing that money is so hard to get! and you've got to fight for what you want. anything like career, relationship, etc etc. everyone knows that and i can't deny. or can you?

well in my case, i started planning to my life. but sometimes i feel like i've lost all motivation to do anything. i can't complain though but, i still do. my life is not only in my hands, isn't it? the first thing i gotta do to turn my life around is get that motivation back! i felt annoyed because
i had been feeling that way every time the past weeks.


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