Sunday, November 28

i'm getting bored with facebook and twitter

i think almost every person that uses the internet knows and has an account in twitter or facebook. and yeah, of course i do. everybody does!

but, hey is it just me or facebook/twitter is getting boring?
it seems to have suddenly lost all interest in the social networking site. it's definitely not as fun anymore as it was in the beginning. now it's just like, pfffttt. boring and pointless. :/
i didn't tweet, i didn't post anything on my friend's wall, and i didn't update my status for a whole week or maybe month! i'm start thinking to leave it, but i still love my twitter and facebook page though. it's a good way for me to connect with people especially my friends out there. now, i prefer use instant messaging like windows live, yahoo messenger or skype to talk to my friends and especially my foreign friends! hahaha :)

anyway, i found two interesting pics about twitter and facebook!

images source: google, jess3


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