Friday, December 17

My Last Day

08:23 pm Jakarta time,
listening to: Another Day - Lene Marlin

Hey guys! guess what? Today was my last internship. I can't believe how fast time flies! These past for three months have flown by and how much i've learned in that time. I want to thank you very much Mr. Ismiaji Cahyono and Ms. Citra Lestari for all their direction and the opportunity that i got. And to the other graphic designers, my friends :)

I really had a good time and learned so much about art and design! Well, i feel relieved of course. but also sad! i like them, and of course my job. what a feeling..

Today may be the last day of my internship,
but from this i know i really want to be a great graphic designer. I really do!

Well, one day..


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