Saturday, January 22

first blog award

yes, i just got a stylish blogger award from amel, and honestly i don't know what for lol.
i was like seriously? but, thank you so much! i'm totally honored :)
the rules of receiving it are you MUST tell everyone 8 things about you.
and i hope it's not too boring hahaha

so here are 8 things you should know about me!

1). my name is Romy Andina Rianthy. people normally think i'm a boy when they hear my name at first.
so why Romy? haha do you guys know about Romy Schneider? no?
okay then here's the link so you can read more about her.
well, at least she's a girl! just like me lol

2). i like to watch National Geographic

3). i hate lizard! ewwwww

4). i may be more of a listener than a talker and i'm quite a shy person when i meet new people

5). i'm not a fan of blackberry! i will probably never use that stuff.

6). my grandpa is french hahaha it's damn true!

7). i do believe that LDR can work.

8). i'm not a slave to technology and i'm not imprisoned by cell phones.

there you go, 8 things you may not have known about me.
so here are the lucky bloggers i'm giving this one to:

once again, thank you so much :)


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