Wednesday, March 23

rebecca black

hey guys! hahaha i've been super duper busy with my final assignment in college.
i hope you guys alright :)
i wanted to post something on here about Rebecca Black.
a teenager who become one of trending topics on twitter anyway.
so, why is she trending on twitter? i just have no idea.
so i decided to ask about her to uncle google. and here is what i found.

Here’s how it happened:

Black released her debut video “Friday” via YouTube on Feb. 10th.
And, surprisingly, it’s already secured a Bieber-like
audience with more than two million views.

Why is Rebecca Black trending today on Twitter?

You can blame Black’s notoriety on the reviews, which have been scathing. Here is just a sampling.
Gawker asked “Is this The Worst Music Video Ever?”
Comments on Twitter haven’t been any kinder.
For example, @ellierawr tweeted, “Just heard Rebecca Black’s new song, I’m now deaf.”

The singer can expect to continue seeing her name trend on Twitter, especially with Tweets like this one from American Idol host Ryan Seacrest: “If ur wondering why Rebecca Black has been trending for 24 hrs
this is the video you need to see.”

when i saw the video and heard her voice, i was like




nice try because i can't sing at all, so i won't complain too much about her lol
BUT, i think it's better than her. soooo much better!

got this video from oli sykes tumblr lol
he has a good taste!
and anyway, today is my friend's birthday.
yesterday actually, because he's in New Jersey.
and i made this for him.
he complained about the color of his hat though.



well, happy birthday hey nick!

saya akan kembali ke realita kehidupan.
"sidang konsep tanggal 31 Maret 2011"
dan sidang-sidang lainnya.






  1. oh jadi begitu. ngga mudeng aku soal si Rebecca Black

  2. hey, in tumblr Rebecca black is kind of a hit? ehehe. she just got out nowhere.

  3. @lulufaras haha iya begitu lu kasian ya :p

    @chocolate lover bhahaha!