Saturday, April 23

I'm in love with Adele!

love her voice and she's beautiful!
so, I made this one.
anyway turning tables is one of my favorite songs.
I was watching Glee and I heard Gwenyth Paltrow's cover.
I've known about Adele before Glee, they did an okay job though.
but I think it's funny how people say they only like this song because of glee.
you should like her because she's an amazing artist.
check this out!

for me, Adele definitely wins :)



  1. me too..
    She's amazing hehehe
    My fav : Chasing Pavements :)

  2. yes, she really is!
    that's why i like her :)

  3. That's a beautiful picture. I love Adele as well. One and only is my gave, although I love the whole 21 to bits.

  4. Thank you! Yeah, Adele ftw lol :D