Sunday, July 31

A doodle request

I have some free time now yayyyyy!!!
Think about to create a doodle for you who ask me to make one.
You can request your characters for free
Just ask me and I'll try to make you one, BUT no guarantees on what you'll get.
And I'm not making promises.
 I'll try to create a sketch at least one of your request up to the first 20 people. 
I doubt, I'll get that many though hahaha


Here we go lol first I just finished a doodle for Pandu Aditya.
Sorry if it's not good enough haha
Hope you like it..

Sorry for the late update. 
I'm busy right now preparing my portfolio to work,
 so that's why I haven't been posting as often.
And finally I made a draw for Claudya Ayrine.
Like I told you, no guarantees on what you'll get.
Hope you will like it haha..

And this is the last one.
 for Timmy.
I don't know this looks like him or not lol
but, I wish you like it.

Okay then, once again, thank you for waiting
and doodle request is CLOSED///



  1. am i late? i ask one if you please ;)

  2. how could i miss this anyway
    me want toooo B-)

  3. Hahaha!
    That's a very well done. Superb!
    Thanks a bunch :D

  4. thank you so much for spent your time to made this :)
    really like it!that is very sweet :3
    anyway, good luck for your work :D

  5. anytime! hahah sorry about the hands!
    kinda weird cause i forgot to make the other fingers, so yeah..

  6. This is really good! What software do you use?

  7. I always use photoshop or illustrator to make a draw :D