Wednesday, December 14

New hair cut

After waiting for so long, I finally
cut my long hair short.
the back of the cut is shorter than the front.

If you've never had short hair, but you wonder if you'd look good with it,
Consider your face shape.
Most face shapes can handle short hair, even round faces like me. 
Women with round faces tend to look better with short hair cut an inch or two below the chin. 
Bobs on a round face tend to look like a helmet. 
You want to elongate your face and keeping hair a bit longer draws the eye downward.



  1. i like long haired girl, but short haired girl isn't bad, in medieval era you may considered as warrior woman, just like arya in Game of thrones Series :D

  2. ahahaha ya generally, most guys like girls with long hair. looks more feminine, and shorter hair looks more masculine, but not really :p