Friday, October 1

a few things to do if I'm feeling bored

01:00 am Jakarta time,
listening to: The Kooks - Naive

There are so many words I want to say honestly. I would tell you but I'm too lazy to type, AND no internet connection for a few weeks! I'm only getting online at my office but i can't update this blog there. Boo! Well, I can't say much. So yeah, hehe..

Anyway, what would you do when you are bored? Me? Umm here are a few things to do if I'm feeling bored.
1. Listen to the music
This is my library in last 7 days.

2. Play a game online
You should try Ameba Pico! I'm addicted to this game!

3. I make a vector when I'm bored! It's fun!
Can you guess who's that guy? haha, yeah Wentworth Miller. Pssshhhh actually didn't finish yet lol

So, any other ideas? hahaha tell me if you don't mind.
I'm going to bed in a few minutes.
Good Night!! :)

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